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SKIT: LIfe of a real estate agent

As an actress and real estate agent, I was inspired to create new content to free people from concern.

In the past I have created real estate videos and tips for buyers and sellers and posted on our website’s blog on NRGMOVESYOU.COM, and I really wanted to incorporate my authentic self within my own self and brand within my own platform.

I was inspired shooting this skit because I tend to find comedy and inspiration in everyday life. As I feel my purpose in this life is to free people from concern whether it be in daily life or my work, I created this short video to hopefully add a little humor. Hope this inspires you to do what you love!

I'm always open to feedback as well. Always looking to grow. I realize this is on youtube and I shot on my iphone vertically thinking it would be great for IGTV, but it really isn't great for anywhere else...lesson learned!



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