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Good morning! (If you're reading this in the morning!)

It's been awhile since I've written a blog or posted a video recently. I haven't even wished you a New Year.

With that being said, it is the end of January which means the end of the first month of 2021. How has it been for you? For me, this month has been about getting my mind right and getting back to creating habits and creating a routine to get my mindset right. (Let's face it, last year completely threw off a lot mindsets lol) So it really took some time for me to "feel" "okay" or "normal" despite having a pretty successful year last year.

I created a schedule that I know if I could just follow, I'd be more productive during the day. Can I say that I have followed it to the T? No, but the important part is that I have committed to being aware of that schedule and sticking to the most important parts of it and doing the most important things. Part of me writing this blog is a part of the habits I've been implementing.

I like to think I am an early riser. I actually enjoy being up at the crack of dawn by myself. Something about it gives me this sense of energy, inspiration, and creativity that I need to be the go-getter that I am. I like waking up early and doing things for myself because if I don't, I find that I end up feeling like my life revolves around work and I am merely a hamster on a wheel; to wake up to work, to go home to sleep, to do it all over again. So I find that giving myself a couple of hours in the morning just sets my day with the positivity that I need, because I feed it that.

Now, although I love my mornings, it doesn't come naturally for me to wake up super early for me; I have to habituate it. I tend to wake up around 7:30 to 8 these days, but I am trying to get back up to waking up at 6. This would just allow for me to fit everything that I would want to do to give me the freedom I also want at the end of the day. I'm working towards waking up at 6 am again.

Nonetheless, the reason I am blogging right now is because I am habituating writing my thoughts and my gratitude in the mornings to start my day. Sometimes I write it in a journal, sometimes, my ipad, sometimes a sticky note. I don't typically go back to the things I write, and maybe I am the only one, but I just find some of my thoughts cheesy sometimes lol. The main purpose of me writing is to have a more intentional day and start my day off on a positive footing. I figured today, I can write on my blog and say hi to anyone reading as I take a pause on finishing Atomic Habits by James Clear and take a sip of my coffee.

Today I am grateful for many things. The sun rays are peaking through my blinds as I type this. It's giving me the feeling that today is going to be a great day. I am grateful for my coffee machine that dispenses this amazing coffee that I get to sip on. I am grateful for my dogs. Every day they show me unconditional love and boosts of dopamine through out the day. I am grateful for the home we are living in right now. It has provided us of many awesome memories and has served us so well. I am grateful for my family and our families that we all have had our health in tact. I am also grateful to almost finish this book and looking forward to the next!

Today I intend to be present, show my hubby I love him in some form, and dominate the day!

What does your morning routine look like or how do you start your day? I'd love to know!

I'm thinking that as much as I don't like what I am about to say, I may have to come to terms that starting my day earlier will require of me to master my nights. Haha, I am laughing because I love some TV. After all, it's what inspired me to become an actress!

See you next time where I will give you my biggest take away from this book!



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