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Maybe you saw my post on my social media that the episode on Brockmire I shot aired this past week. You can watch it if you have cable; however, since most people use streaming services, you'll only be able to catch the latest season on paid streaming services. If you have Youtube TV, you can watch it there!

Getting to play opposite of lead actor, Hank Azaria, whom is also an executive producer of the show was an amazing experience. I was so grateful to be able to land this role.

Fun fact about my audition, I was actually traveling to New York last year for a short trip with Andrew and I always bring minimal camera equipment anytime I go out of town because for some reason, I always get audition requests when I'm out of town and it's very rare for me to ever turn down an audition request. I taped my audition when I was in our airbnb before going out into town and I remember not feeling that great about it. It was one of those "yeah probably not booking that role" moments.

As an actor, we can get so critical over ourselves and our work. Any way a couple weeks later, I found out I booked the role! It was pretty awesome. Thanks to my awesome agent and casting director and producers.

Here are some photos I didn't get to share until it aired! Productions are strict when it comes to sharing things on social media in efforts to protect story lines, and had to sign an NDA, so happy I can finally just post these!

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