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LIfe Update - Another Booking & New Headshots!

Wewwww! It's been awhile and it has been a longgg several weeks.

A quick update on life right now.

First things first - Andrew and I, plus the love of our lives, our pups - Jordan + Pippen, have moved into a brand new home. We're now residing in in the Westside - West Midtown! It's been less than a week and we're still in the process of unpacking and getting the rest of our items out of our old home before we clean it up and list it for sale. Can't wait to settle in and show you guys our new home!

As much as it was hectic, it feels amazing and we have a lot to be grateful for. Married life is definitely continued work and I realize that we have to remind ourselves why we're doing it. Being husband and wife truly is a blessing. Between our real estate business keeping us busy in this crazy, hot market, Murphy's Law in full effect before our move, and acting - lots of great things happening!

I booked another show this year - can't really say anything about it until I shoot and it airs - but it feels sooooo good! I have been auditioning a lot and picking up momentum since the industry came to a screeching halt during Covid (Thanks to my hubby and my friends who drop whatever they are doing when I need a last minute reader for my tapes) LOL. My last project, Brockmire, aired right when Covid began, which was the momentum I was looking for right before the the entertainment industry completely stopped. I like to think everything happens for a reason because now it's rolling again and I have to say I feel that it actually put me in a better position.

My LA agent and I got reconnected and felt I needed to update my headshots, which I knew I needed to as well. I'm so happy I got connected with Emily Lambert. She's an amazing photographer who travels between LA and NY and now has has a studio here in Atlanta. Our work together turned out great and if you are an actor looking to update your headshots - you won't be disappointed. We were able to find a direction on certain roles and types I was going for and she definitely nailed it. I'm excited for what this year has to offer and the work I'm going to continue to put in.

Here are some of my favorite headshots we got done :)

I hope everyone is well and keeping sane. Friends - don't forget to give yourself some grace and give yourself a mental break. It's so easy right now to lose self-esteem. If you ever feel burnt out or have a loss of confidence or not sure what the heck you are doing in life - go back to asking yourself what inspires you? What are you inspired to do - and walk towards that!

I love you guys and update you guys soon!



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