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Jassey is a human being. She is known for her gregarious laugh and positive energy that fills the room wherever you find her present. Born in Long Island, New York and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Jassey found herself to have a unique mind of her own and embraced her creativity in different forms of art. As her interest in entertaining became more apparent growing up, she involved herself in local talents shows and community theater work. She quickly realized that acting would be the form of art she could express her creativity. She has since been involved in independent films, appearing in spots on television, commercials and print work.

Aside from acting, Jassey is also a Co-Founder of NRG Nguyen Realty Group, a real estate group of Keller Williams. She runs the organization along side her husband and partner, Andrew Nguyen, and is a licensed agent and REALTOR in the state of Georgia. Together they believe in helping people build wealth through real estate and sharing a positive influence with others they encounter.

Jassey enjoys many things.


During her free time, you could spot her trying new restaurants, traveling, traveling AND trying new restaurants, hiking, and experiencing lifestyles outside of her own. She is a big advocate in traveling as she believes it gives one a different perspective outside of their own. She enjoys spending time her with loved ones, family, friends, and her beloved dogs. Jassey is an enjoyer of life and she continues to pursue her passions and strives to achieve her goals always believing that a dream is never too big.


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